Ways to Display Student Work and More Letter Crafts

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Ways to Display Student Work and More Letter Crafts

Cricut Vinyl Letters Classroom FI

Ways to Display Student Work and More Letter Crafts are on the agenda today! I love to display student work, in the hallway and in the classroom…bulletin boards just aren’t enough for me!  I know that many of you have regulations as to what you can and can’t put on the walls, and I am so sorry if you can’t display a lot of stuff on your walls!  Luckily, I have a bit of freedom where my walls are concerned.  I recently received a Cricut that I blogged about {HERE} and I couldn’t resist using it to brighten up my student work display.  I used 12×12 adhesive vinyl squares to cut out student names, for most I could fit three names per square.  The type of vinyl I used peels off easily (it’s from Michael’s) in case a student leaves or when I need to remove them at the end of the year.  The hippos are part of an ABC Letter Crafts pack that I am currently working on (with more pics below of other crafts I did this week).

Cricut Vinyl Letters Classroom

Classroom Name Display

I laid the colors of vinyl out before applying them to make sure I had a combination that I liked.  The font I used is one on my computer that is free for personal use {HERE}.
Vinyl Cricut Letters Classroom

More Letter Crafts

I am {still} working on an ABC Letter Craft Pack and also updating the Directed Drawing Bundle to include November, so be sure to download it again from your purchases page tomorrow!!  (if you haven’t purchased it, but plan to, keep in mind the price will increase tomorrow when I add the new month).  You can find the Growing Directed Drawing Bundle  {HERE}.                                            This week we worked on letters Nn-Qq and had so much fun!  We ate popcorn for Pp and made newspaper N’s for Nn!

Letter N Activity

Letter N Craft

We made an on/off switch for Oo, as well as an Octopus! Letter O Craft

Pp wouldn’t be complete without Pigs!

Letter P Activity Letter P Craft

And for Qq, we made quilts!

Letter Q Craft

I am enjoying my weekend and LOVING the fact that we are out tomorrow!


  1. I am absolutely in love with that display wall!!! I want it!!!! I also can’t wait for the letter craft pack!!!!


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