Apple Ideas for Teachers and Letters R-U

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Apple Ideas for Teachers and Letters R-U

apple bulletin board  FI

Apple Ideas for Teachers

More apple Ideas for Teachers and Letters R-U are what I am sharing today…along with a little directed drawing update.    Apple Week (or weeks)  came so fast and before I knew it, the short week was over.  We will definitely be doing more apple activities throughout the month and up to Johnny Appleseed’s birthday.  It’s just too much fun not to do all the activities.  First off we made paper plate apple cores:

Apple Week cores

And homemade applesauce..although at some point during the day the crockpot became unplugged and it turned out to be more like “Spiced Apples”

applesauce in the classroom

Here’s a little FREEBIE {HERE}  that you might be able to use (there are two versions in the upload)

applesauce printable classroom

Apple Bulletin Board

Letter Ideas for Letters R-U

Letter R Craft

Letter S craft

Letter T craft

For Uu, I always read

To get the Aliens Love Underpants FREEBIE printable below, click {HERE}

Aliens don't wear underpants freebie

Aliens don't wear underpants printable

Letter U craft

Directed Drawing Update

pilgrim native american directed drawings

I added November to the Directed Drawing Growing Bundle!  So if you already own it, download it again!directed drawings for November

This week we also tried our Pete the Cat directed drawings and in Kinder you never know how they’ll turn out…but I was pleasantly surprised!Pete the cat directed drawing

Pete the CatI love Pete! Here is the drawing my own firstie, Maggie did:

Pete the Cat drawingIf you’d like to see more about my directed drawing growing bundle, click {HERE}.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I hope you have a great week!

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