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  • apple glasses fall craft

    Apple Glasses Fall Craft


    Apple Week is the best and this craft is perfect for fall! The pack includes writing prompts and an apple exploration page included.  Apple Glasses Fall Craft is super cute and you won’t be disappointed! Want to see more Apple Ideas? Click HERE for some great blog posts!  More Apple Activities: Apples, Apples, Apples Johnny Appleseed…

  • Chairs on Strike Writing


    Teach persuasive writing using the book, Chairs on Strike by Jennifer Jones. Why should the chairs come back? Write a paragraph to persuade them to return to your classroom! If you need the book, HERE is a link on Amazon!  Checkout this post HERE on my blog for more details about this pack! I plan…

  • Common Core 2nd Grade Standards Flip Chart


    I can never seem to put my finger on my standards as quickly and efficiently as I’d like! That’s the main reason I created a flip chart for my own Alabama Standards. Someone saw it and requested a copy for common core and I obliged! It is a freebie, but I would love for you…

  • Sale!

    Directed Drawings for the Year

    Original price was: $38.00.Current price is: $35.00.

    Directed Drawings for the Year Bundle fills all your drawing needs for an entire school year. It provides 5 drawings per month. Do one a week or one a month, whatever works best for you and your class! Directed Drawing is a great way to engage students and cover art standards at the same time!…

  • End of the Year Bulletin Board & Craft

    End of the Year Bulletin Board and Craft


    This is my favorite End of the Year Bulletin Board & Craft I have ever made! It turned out so cute and the craft is adorable, too! I included all grade levels from Pre-K to 5th Grade. The pack includes all the bulletin board pieces, the alligator writing craft, and also the photo frames (editable…

  • Snowman Craft

    Snowman Craft


    Snowman craft for after the holiday break when that bulletin board is bare and you need something fast and easy! Keeping in line with my other “Simple” craftivity packs, I created this one for the winter season. There is an adorable and very child-friendly snowman craft, with optional writing/glyph activities. The glyph is optional and…

  • let's make a snowman craft

    Snowman Craft Writing and Glyph


    Snowman Craft, Writing, and Glyph: I love snowmen and when my kids made these the last few years, we’ve been the envy of the hall! Included in this pack are templates for two versions of the snow tall with legs and the other giant stuffed head version. Color pictures and step-by-step directions are also…

  • Summer school SEA bulletin board

    Summer School SEA Bulletin Board


    Summer School SEA Bulletin Board Summer School SEA Bulletin Board: It’s that time of year where most teachers are out for summer but not me!  I’m teaching at our summer learning program. I wanted to create a fun bulletin board set to welcome my temporary class. Decorating can be challenging since school is out and…

  • Testing Encouragement Bulletin Board

    Testing Encouragement Bulletin Board


    Testing Encouragement Bulletin Board:  State testing is major for us as I am sure it is for many teachers across the country. If I can’t get rid of it, I might as well try and get the kids excited and encouraged for it, right? This bulletin board turned out super cute. Adorable root vegetables with…

  • bad seed

    The Bad Seed Book Companion


    The Bad Seed is the first and maybe the best in the Jory John Food Group Series. Looking for a blog post with even more information? Click HERE! The book is great for social emotional learning, helping kids understand why it’s important to not be so bad ALL the time! You can find the actual…

  • The Big Cheese Book Companion


    The Big Cheese Book Companion: I love all of The Food Group books! The Big Cheese is the newest addition and does not disappoint! In the book we learn it is ok to try new things that we aren’t good at, it’s how we grow. Being the BEST is not what is most important. The pack…

  • The Couch Potato Book Companion


    Jory John’s book, The Couch Potato, is a funny book with a great lesson about getting out of the house and having an adventure every once in a while! You’ll love the book and this Couch Potato Book Companion! Buy the book HERE! Here is a very brief overview of the pages included: Character/Setting Snapshot…

  • The Good Egg book companion

    The Good Egg Book Companion


    Love The Good Egg by Jory John? This Good Egg Book Companion includes an adorable good egg craft and lots of writing activities! You can find the book HERE on Amazon.  You can also read more about this book companion for the Good Egg HERE on my blog.  The pack includes the Good Egg Craft…

  • The Good The Bad and The Spooky Book Companion

    The Good, The Bad, and The Spooky Book Companion


    The Good The Bad and The Spooky Book Companion is based on a fun book by Jory John. You can read more about this activity and book HERE on my Blog! Here is a very brief overview of the pages included in The Good The Bad and The Spooky Book Companion: Character/setting page Crummy meaning?…

  • The Great EGGSCAPE Craft


    Sweet story about balancing alone time with time with friends. Both can be important and fun! The Great EGGscape is by Jory John. I love ALL the Jory John books, and The Great EGGscape is no exception! This pack is perfect for spring and Easter. It offers writing pages and activities PLUS 2 craft options: One is an egg…

  • The Smart Cookie Book Companion


    The Smart Cookie might be my favorite Jory John book. This Smart Cookie Book Companion includes the cutest craft and a ton of writing activities! Here is a very brief overview of the pages included: Character/Setting Snapshot of Smart Cookie Why did she stay up all night? What does it mean when she said AHA?…