The Couch Potato Book Companion



Jory John’s book, The Couch Potato, is a funny book with a great lesson about getting out of the house and having an adventure every once in a while! You’ll love the book and this Couch Potato Book Companion! Buy the book HERE!

  • Here is a very brief overview of the pages included:
  • Character/Setting
  • Snapshot of a Couch Potato
  • What other cool stuff could he have?
  • Where do you relax and say ahhh?
  • Sequencing
  • Compare/contrast with Sour Grape
  • Would you rather read or watch bedtime story?
  • Who is your best spud?
  • 2 Plot (lined and unlined)
  • Class graph (is it ever ok to be a couch potato?)
  • Problem/Solution
  • Massive meaning?
  • My screen would show ______
  • My fav desktop background would be
  • What’s most important thing in life?
  • 2 coloring pages
  • How else to not be a couch potato?
  • What kind of potato are you?
  • My Top Do Lost to avoid being a couch potato
  • Pattern for Couch Potato craft

This Couch Potato Book Companion is a digital product! Nothing will be mailed, it is downloadable and must be printed by you. Want to see more about the Food Group books? Click HERE! I love book companions but they never replace the book!


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