The Great EGGSCAPE Craft



Sweet story about balancing alone time with time with friends. Both can be important and fun! The Great EGGscape is by Jory John. I love ALL the Jory John books, and The Great EGGscape is no exception! This pack is perfect for spring and Easter. It offers writing pages and activities PLUS 2 craft options: One is an egg that can be plain or decorated with faces (my kids used watercolors)…and another option for a take home “disguise an egg” activity

The pack includes TWO Great Eggscape Craft patterns and 17 writing printables. Check my blog: First Grade Blue Skies for a full description and preview…or click on the PREVIEW for pictures of the pages included. *The pack is supplemental material and does not replace the book! If you are looking for more Jory John packs, stay tuned because they are coming soon! I also have a book companion for The Bad Seed and a BUNDLE of all his FOOD GROUP Books!

Here is a very brief overview of the pages included:

  • Setting/characters
  • What do your friends do when you aren’t there?
  • Me Time!
  • Escape: meaning
  • Where would you hide?
  • Vocabulary: unite & Frolic
  • Sequencing
  • Where would you go for your eggs cape
  • What do you like to do with your friends?
  • Would you rather hide or seek?
  • Compare/contrast
  • Plot lined and unlined
  • Do you like to play hide and seek class graph
  • Problem Solution
  • Have you ever been on an egg hunt?
  • How do you relax?
  • How many is a dozen?
  • Eggscape Craft template (watercolor, paint, or color) and then add optional faces
  • Take home letter for parents to explain the AT HOME project to disguise your egg (10 egg options) and templates for Take Home Eggs

The Great EGGSCAPE Craft

What are people saying?

Rated 5 out of 5
“I used this resource with some pre school visitors and my kindergartners. We had so much fun with all the different egg activities. We were able to use this resource over several days using the same story and the kids never got bored. Thank you!”
Rated 5 out of 5
“My students love the Jory John books, and this resource was a great addition to the read-aloud! They also loved being able to decorate/design their own Easter egg!”