Guess what? I’m a teacher…just like you!

If you are a busy teacher looking for a way to make your life easier, search no further! Believe me, I understand your struggle. I’ve spent the last 25+ years teaching and acquiring my best practices and strategies to help young learners grow. I firmly believe my first and foremost job is to create an environment where my students grow to love school. Happy Classrooms Create Motivated Learners!

I have presented on a national and state level, as well as achieving my National Board Certification originally in 2003. In 2011, I began my blog and started creating products for teachers. I love to create packs that combine fun and learning. All this helps me to help you. I have created a plethora of products to make your teaching life easier. Your students will be engaged and enjoy learning. Click the tab at the top of this page (“My Products”) to see more! I believe Happy Classrooms Create Motivated Learners!

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Meet Jennifer

All About me, First and Kinder Blue Skies!  I began teaching over 25 years ago after graduating from  the University of Montevallo with a degree in Early Childhood and then later acquired my Master’s Degree at the University of Alabama. I am married and have three awesome children: Emma, Jack, and Maggie. Jack is on the spectrum (i.e. formerly Asperger’s) and I have struggled through the years to adjust my thinking and navigate the world with him. You can learn more about that initial struggle HERE on my blog. Teaching in a happy classroom means that you love your job and the place you come to every working day! I think it is also important to mention, I love my job!

Happy Classrooms Create  Motivated Learners!
My Family

Happy Classrooms Create Motivated Learners …truly!

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