The Big Cheese Book Companion



The Big Cheese Book Companion:

I love all of The Food Group books! The Big Cheese is the newest addition and does not disappoint! In the book we learn it is ok to try new things that we aren’t good at, it’s how we grow. Being the BEST is not what is most important.

The pack includes the cutest Big Cheese Craft pattern and 16 writing printables. Check my blog: First Grade Blue Skies for a full description and preview…or click on the PREVIEW for pictures of the pages included. *The pack is supplemental material and does not replace the book! If you are looking for more Jory John packs, check my shop

I also have a book companion for other Jory John books in the Food Group Series in my Shop (link above). This is not a replacement for the book…the book is necessary, find it HERE on Amazon. You can see more about my book companions here.

Here is a very brief overview of the pages included:


Snapshot of The Big Cheese

Why did she stay up all night?

Opposites (connect)

What does it mean to be the big cheese?


Compare/contrast with Wedge

What to do after winning

The joy of participation

Analyze the big cheese

2 Plot (lined and unlined)

Class graph (Should you try new things?)


Gloat meaning?

Quietly Excellent?

What is the problem with doing onlythings you are good at?

Is coming in 2nd place good or bad?

Relieved to lose?

2 coloring pages

Pattern for Big Cheese Craft