The Bad Seed Book Companion



The Bad Seed is the first and maybe the best in the Jory John Food Group Series. Looking for a blog post with even more information? Click HERE! The book is great for social emotional learning, helping kids understand why it’s important to not be so bad ALL the time! You can find the actual book HERE on Amazon!

  • Here is a very brief overview of the pages included:
  • Character/setting page
  • Is he a bad guy?
  • Bad Seed Snapshot
  • 2 Feelings pages
  • Petals drooping
  • Sequencing page
  • How would you feel?
  • Way to be happy
  • Venn diagram to compare with The Good Egg
  • 2 Plot pages (B, M, E) -one lined and one unlined
  • Class graph (Is he really bad)
  • Problem/Solution
  • How to change?
  • Why was he bad?
  • Template for Craft!