The Bad Seed and The Good Egg


The Bad Seed and The Good Egg are both books by Jory John. They are absolutely fabulous! I plan on doing a pack for all his books, these are just the first two! Each pack is a book companion that has a lot of writing activities and a craft.

The Bad Seed

This is the first in the series. The Bad Seed didn’t start out “bad.” He was made bad by circumstances. But later he decides being bad all the time isn’t any way to live. The book has great illustrations and is a fun read aloud. My class loved it! Here is a link to my Bad Seed pack HERE on TpT.

The Bad Seed and The Good Egg

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The Bad Seed and The Good Egg crafts

The Good Egg

The second in the series and maybe my favorite. The Good Egg lives in a pack with a bunch of eggs that are not so good. He struggles trying to get them to be good. Next he struggles so much so that he starts to “crack up…literally.” Finally, The Good Egg realizes he cannot control how others behave. Need a great read aloud? The Bad Seed and The Good Egg both deliver! Find the pack HERE on TpT.

What’s included?

I hope you love The Bad Seed and The Good Egg as much as my class and I do! You can also see my pack for the Great EGGscape HERE on my blog.

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