Easy Halloween Activity


Are you looking for an easy Halloween activity? How about a take-home project to go along with the Jory John book, The Good, The Bad, and The Spooky! It is such a fun story which provides a lesson: What you are wearing isn’t the most important thing about Halloween! The book also explores how we handle problems affects other people. If you don’t already have it as part of your holiday collection, get it soon!

Easy Halloween Activity

My idea for and Easy Halloween Activity is that kids are doing the actual work AT HOME! Now if you’d rather them do it at school, no worries! Just gather art supplies and let them create their seed’s costume in class! It’s completely up to you! There are two versions of a take-home latter to go along with the seed’s pattern, as well as, 15 writing/activity printables. Don’t forget to print the seed pattern on cardstock, it needs to be sturdy!

Easy Halloween Activity preview

The idea for this project comes from the “disguise a turkey” activities often done around Thanksgiving. My thought is to try something new and fun, but still include families in the art! If you are looking for more activities with other Jory John books, check out my TpT shop HERE. Looking for other great Halloween activities, see my blog posts HERE.

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