Creepy Crayon Craft

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Creepy Crayon Craft is officially now a favorite to make in my room! Aaron Reynolds came to my school last year and shared his latest book, Creepy Crayon. He even signed my copy! I knew I had to finish the trilogy with another creepy craft! This one is a mix of pre-cut parts that kids choose from and a whole lot of fun! Each one turns out unique and of course, cute! You can find my newest pack HERE on TpT!

Creepy Crayon Craft

These books are fabulous as read alouds. The suspense keeps kids “on the edge of their seats” waiting to see what happens. I love to read them every year! My Creepy Crayon Craft is unique for each student because they choose their own mouth, eyebrows, and size of their crayon.

If you need the book to go along with the Creepy Crayon Craft, here’s a link:

Creepy Crayon Activity and book companion
All this is included!

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If you would like to see my last post about Creepy Pair of Underwear, click on First and Kinder Blue Skies. If you want to see all of my Creepy Packs, click HERE on TpT. I hope you love my Creepy Crayon Craft as much as my students and I did!


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