Gustavo the Shy Ghost Activities

I have been trying to change things up, not do the SAME books EVERY year. I decided to purchase a couple of new books! One of them is Gustavo the Shy Ghost! (see the book HERE). I will be honest, I bought the book for the adorable cover and the fact I had seen it all of Instagram. I’m a sucker for cute illustrations. What I got was a sweet story about the way some of us don’t “fit in” and lack the ability to be “seen” by others. Sometimes you have to put yourself out there, and Gustavo does at the end! Gustavo the Shy Ghost Activities pack HERE on TpT.

Gustavo the Shy Ghost
Gustavo the Shy Ghost

Where can you find the book? Click on the book cover below and see it on Amazon. (affl link)

Gustavo the Shy Ghost ends during the Day of the Dead celebration. In my pack shown below, I include a few informational fun pages for learning about about the Day of the Dead and how it isn’t a SCARY holiday. Those pages are optional.

There are two options for the ghosts with two writing options for each of them. One ghost is larger and the other is smaller. Gustavo tries to get near friends by being things like a balloon, painting, ball, however no one notices him. Did I mention he loves playing the violin? Taking a chance and opening up to others rewards him in the end! You will love Gustavo the Shy Ghost!

What is included?

Gustavo activity pack
Everything included in the pack
Gustavo as a bulletin board!

If you would like to see more ideas for Fall/Halloween crafts and book companions check out this LINK for books like Creep Carrots, Spookley the Square Pumpkin, and more! For the Gustavo the Shy Ghost book companion, find it here on TpT.

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