The Good, The Bad, and The Spooky Book Companion



The Good The Bad and The Spooky Book Companion is based on a fun book by Jory John. You can read more about this activity and book HERE on my Blog!

  • Here is a very brief overview of the pages included in The Good The Bad and The Spooky Book Companion:
  • Character/setting page
  • Crummy meaning?
  • Your Seed Snapshot
  • Why is he in a bad mood?
  • Why didn’t he like the other costumes?
  • Sequencing page
  • Is your costume the most important part of Halloween?
  • My Seed design
  • 2 Plot pages (B, M, E) -one lined and one unlined
  • Class graph (Is candy most important thing)
  • Problem/Solution
  • What was he thinking?
  • Why do you get in a bad mood
  • What else could he have done?
  • Template for Halloween home project!

Why this pack?

Find the book on Amazon HERE. You will love this book companion for The Good The Bad and The Spooky. It is such a fun story which provides a lesson: What you are wearing isn’t the most important thing about Halloween! The book also explores how we handle problems affects other people. If you don’t already have it as part of your holiday collection, get it soon! Perfect for Halloween or as an author study of Jory John using the book, The Good, The Bad, & the Spooky. The Seed is in a BAD mood because he can’t choose the perfect costume for Halloween! The book shows it is easy to forget what is actually important about Halloween (and life) and it isn’t what you are wearing! Halloween is a busy time, so this activity is perfect because it is a family home-project. Send home the Seed and let families design a costume for him. Another option is to gather art supplies and let kids design their costumes in class!

The pack includes the Seed Take-Home pattern, two options for a take-home directional letter, 15 writing printables, and a Halloween coloring page. Check my blog: First Grade Blue Skies for a full description and preview…or click on the PREVIEW for pictures of the pages included. *The pack is supplemental material and does not replace the book! If you are looking for more Jory John packs, stay tuned because they care coming soon!

The Good The Bad and The Spooky Book Companion