The Sour Grape Book Companion



The Sour Grape book by Jory John is a great story and this book companion will not disappoint! If you’d like to read more about  this book companion, check out this blog post HERE. See a bundle of all The Food Group Packs HERE. 

Jory John’s books are great for social-emotional learning, and The Sour Grape does not disappoint! The story is about a sour grape that wasn’t always sour. He begins to hold grudges for every little thing that his friends do! He learns that forgiveness is important, because everyone makes mistakes….even The Sour Grape. All of the Jory John books teach a lesson and are great for social-emotional learning.

The pack includes the Sour Grape Craft pattern and 18 writing printables. Check my blog: First Grade Blue Skies for a full description and preview…or click on the PREVIEW for pictures of the pages included. I also included Bulletin Board Letters “The Sour Grape” (shown in photo) *The pack is supplemental material and does not replace the book! If you are looking for more Jory John packs, look no further!

  • Here is a very brief overview of the pages included:
  • Character/Setting
  • Snapshot
  • What is a grudge?
  • What makes you say “Grrr”?
  • Sequencing
  • Compare/contrast with Bad Seed
  • What gives you a Squishy Face?
  • What drains you?
  • 2 Plot (lined and unlined)
  • Class graph (is it ever ok to be upset?)
  • Problem/Solution
  • Check in on your emotion today?
  • What could you do if you upset a friend?
  • What are you “grateful” for?
  • Why give a friend space?
  • 2 coloring pages
  • What upsets you?
  • Why did no one come to the party?
  • Pattern for Sour Grape craft
  • Bulletin Board Letters  (shown in photo)