Pirate Directed Drawing

pirate driected drawing
Drawing for Sight WordARE

Obviously a pirate directed drawing is cool and kids will love it. But I actually use it and have used it for years for the sight word “ARE.” I am always looking for mnemonic devices to help me or my students remember things. See this new frieebie on Teachers Pay Teachers.

directed drawing
Pirate Directed Drawing
how to draw a pirate

These cards by Child 1st Publications are something I use in small and whole group. I also use them with the gesture that goes with each sight word. They are called Snap Words. I don’t necessarily use ALL of them, but I especially use them for tricky words or words that the gesture just “makes sense.”

You can find them here (there are other grade levels of cards available):

pirate directed drawing

If I had to pick one thing that my kindergarten students struggle with every year it would be sight words. It is always a challenge. For some students, it clicks after Christmas. For others, it is May and they still haven’t quite “got it.” I am a firm believe that children must learn in their own time. My son still struggles with spelling sight words and he is 12. My job is to provide strategies to help those for whom it doesn’t “come naturally” to read and spell those tricky words!

If you are looking for more directed drawings ideas for the whole year, look HERE. And if you are unsure of why to do them, check out this post HERE.

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