Veteran’s Day Directed Drawing


Veteran’s Day Directed Drawing

Veteran’s Day Directed Drawing:  I know it’s a bit of a last minute freebie on my part, but there’s still time!  Friday we are out for Veteran’s Day and I always have to explain to my kinders what a “veteran” is and why we honor them.

I never know how well my kids will do on a new directed drawing. My students blew me away! Their drawings were amazing! The Veteran’s Day drawing has a lot of details and they followed along with my step by step.

Why do I love directed drawings so much?  One reason is my students learn to follow directions.  Another reason is this:

My student drew this the next day!  And only in Alabama is the Veteran and Auburn fan:

Get this new freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers HERE.  Hope you love it!

Happy Veteran’s Day!


  1. Love your directed drawing activities! Thanks so much for this freebie! I can’t wait to use this tomorrow!

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