Name Writing Practice


Name Writing Practice

Name Writing Practice: Name Writing Practice for kids who struggle with the order of the letters in their name.  Have you ever had a child in your class that no matter how many opportunities you give them to order their name with cards, magnets, play-doh, tiles, etc…they STILL struggle!

There are some great ways out there to give your students the hands-on practice they need, just look on Pinterest!  But at some point, they have to get some real writing experience.  I have one particular student this year that would (after much practice) write the letters in his name, but with little regard as to their order.  I found myself drawing lines down the back of his paper and writing the letters of his name across the top.  Then I’d have him write them letters under each one.  It occurred to me that it would so super useful to have a table pre-made so that all I would have to do is write the name across the top.  I created this pack of printables to make my life easier…and I’m hopeful that it will help you, too!

You can find this Name Writing Practice pack on Teachers Pay Teachers HERE.  Another idea is to place the page inside a plastic sleeve and use with a dry erase marker to save paper =)  Of course, I printed some of them on my favorite Astrobrights paper to add a bit of excitement to the name writing routine!

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