Positive Notes for Students and Parents


Positive Notes for Students and Parents

Positive Notes for Students and Parents:  I’m teaming up this week with ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers for a great way to communicate with parents and students in a positive way! No news is good news, right?  Sometimes that is the case, but when it comes to your child going to school…maybe not so much!  As a parent, I struggle to be involved with my kids’ classrooms and teachers without being a helicopter parent.  As a teacher, I struggle giving parents feedback without always focusing on what their child did “wrong.”  I decided a few years ago that I wanted to give my students’ parents feedback and truly “accentuate the positive!”

The first thing I did was create Facebook page for my class.  It is private and only for parents!  I post pictures mainly and it really does help build a relationship with my kids’ parents.  They get to see what we do during the day and it provides a line of communication for them with their children.  Instead of saying, “What did you do today?” they can ask, “Hey, I saw you guys went on a leaf hunt today, tell me all about it!”

In addition to the group, I try to call parents occasionally to give them an update on what their child is doing “right.”  Your child is a super writer or a great listener.  Or I might tell them (as I did the other day) that their son counted to 104!  Of course, I can’t call parents weekly or even monthly, but what I can do is send home positive notes to parents and my students.  To help you focus on the positive, I created these Positive Notes for Students and Parents.  They are perfect to put on desks or in take home folders.



Why print them on color paper?

Of course, the fact that I print mine on Astrobrights Paper helps them stand out amongst all the same old daily papers that are in folders each day!  Nothing catches your attention more as a parent than brightly colored paper!  Studies show that color enhances readership by as much as 40%!  The “Happy” 5-Color Assortment, pictured below, includes Cosmic Orange, Solar Yellow, Terra Green, Venus Violet and Fireball Fuchsia. #ABBrightminds #colorizeyourclassroom

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  1. I absolutely LOVE everything that you post! It is seriously like Christmas Day for me! I see that you are coming to Michigan in December for a conference and I plan on being there to soak up what you have to offer as a colleague and teacher! Thank you for opening up your classroom and heart to us all! I really appreciate it!

  2. Thank you for another amazing freebie from you…I can’t wait to use these in my classroom!
    I hope that you are having a great year so far.

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