Student Gift Tags for Back to School

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Student Gift Tags for Back to School: Each year I try to come up with a little gift for my students for Meet the Teacher. Back to school is such a busy time, making it a little hard sometimes to come up with great stuff! I’ve given them toys, food, balloons, and so many other things over the last 25 years! I have a ton of other ideas for the start of school on First and Kinder Blue Skies Back to School Ideas. One year I even gave them class shirts! Here are a couple of my favorites with tags included!

This year at Target I found the hashtag puzzles. I thought this would be a perfect back-to-school gift for students! I created a tag for them and we’ll have to see how they like them! Find my puzzle Student Gift Tags for Back to School on TpT.

Another thing I do is to give my kids a little something to take home and NOT open until either the night before or the morning of our first day! I usually put a backpack keychain and some other small surprise inside the bag or box. It’s a super fun surprise and it helps me to connect with my new students by making them PROMISE to not open it. Find this tag for free on TpT.

Our Class is a Family

This year I also splurged and bought these first-day bracelets from the author of the book, Our Class Is a Family, Shannon Olsen. I plan on gifting these to my kiddos on the first day after we read the story. Her presentation is A+ with the little tags. You can find her website HERE.

Another free first-day gift tag

I have another free gift tag for BTS using cheap plastic springs (I got mine at Target in the party section). It is found in my TpT shop for free, too! Student Gift Tags for Back to School on TpT.

To find even more of my Student Gift Tags for Back to school and other products on Teachers Pay Teachers. I hope you have a fabulous first day and Meet the Teacher!

Student Gift Tags for Back to School

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