I Wanna Iguana Activities

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I Wanna Iguana Activities

More I Wanna Iguana activities for the Letter I!  I love the book and it’s so perfect for the letter I (and also for persuasive writing).  I have had my firsties in the past write a letter home to their parents persuading them to let them have a specific pet.  For Kindergarten, we just discussed what we’d “wanna” have as a pet and then illustrated it!  Some of their choices were too funny!

I Wanna Iguana Activity

 Get the  Simple Version {HERE}  You can get the Letter version {HERE}

I wanna Iguana Persuasive Letter Activity

(Graphics and fonts by 3am Teacher, From the Pond, Border by Kelly B, and KG Fonts) I wanna iguana activity for kindergarten

I wanna Iguana sheet

And my personal favorite:

i wanna iguana writing activity

Other Letter activities

This week we also worked on Letters H-L and had a ball making crafts for the letters!  For J we made jellyfish…

Letter J activities

and filled our jars with stickers Letter J activity

Igloos for I

Letter M activity

Other Activities from the Week

We read the Rainbow Fish rainbow fish

and Mrs Wishy Washy’s Farm and used these FREEBIES {HERE}

Mrs Wishy washy

And for Math we worked on 2D shapes and used this pack {HERE} from Vickie Plant Shape People

It was a long week, but I managed to make myself a note for the week:

classroom frame

Hope you have a great week, too!


  1. Hi! I always love your ideas! You are killing me with these alphabet crafts! I can’t wait for you to sell them.

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