Letter Craft Ideas Morning Routine Freebie

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Go Away Big Green Monster paper plate craft

letter craft ideas and a morning routine freebie

Letter Craft Ideas Morning Routine Freebie -Letter craft ideas are so much fun in kindergarten. In this post I am sharing letter craft ideas from this last week and a FREEBIE for your morning routine! My teaching partners and I have been doing a quick run through of all the alphabet and each day we are trying to create a letter craft for each letter.  This week we made Guitars for the letter G.

Craft for the letter G

We made ducks for D!

Craft for the letter D

I read Go Away Big Green Monster for the letter G and we made simple monsters with paper plates.  My students LOVED this craft best of all I think!  I wonder why??  The girl monsters had bows, of course and the teeth were the perfect touch!

Go Away Big Green Monster Craft

Morning Routine FREEBIE

I promised last week that I would try to share icons for the morning routine ribbon that I use to remind my students what our morning routine is.  I don’t have permission to share the clipart that I used in the original one seen here:

morning routine

So I decided to re-do mine and make it cuter!  If you would like this FREEBIE, click {HERE}  I created SEVERAL different versions of the icons, so you won’t be using all of them, use what works for you!

morning routine

The ribbon has worked SO WELL for me over the years, all I have to do is point to the ribbon and the kids know what they need to do next.  What do you use for your morning routine?


  1. I absolutely love the letter crafts….they’re too cute!!! I must have that routine ribbon, I have a few friends that could really use it!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Looking forward to the letter crafts!! When will it be available? Love all your ideas! You’re so talented!

    Michelle Abel

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