Back to School Activities & No, David! FREEBIE

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Back to School Activities are so much fun and I am even sharing a first day FREEBIE from the story No! David or David Goes to School by David Shannon.

No David! Activity for Back to School

We read No David and David Goes to School and discussed rules and why we have them, I made it funny (as always) and the kids were really into it!  “We shouldn’t ride horses in the hallway because they’re too big!”  or “No jumping off the slide because you’ll break your leg!”  After a discussion, I let the kids give me one thing they shouldn’t do at school.  I don’t usually focus onto negative, but the kids have so much fun coming up with crazy ideas, I went with it.  We tried to be a little more realistic with our ideas when I wrote them down on their recording page.

No David Activity

To get this FREEBIE Click {HERE}                                                                                                                                                                    Cute cat graphic is Graphics From the Pond {Here}

No David Freebie

Back to School

Last week was our first FULL week of school.  Kindergarten is no joke at the beginning of the year.  Seriously, y’all…NO JOKE.  We made serious progress and even had some pretty big victories with behavior and routines.  This is the routine ribbon I use on my board to remind students of your morning routine:

morning routine

1.  Put your folder away

2.  Place your backpack and lunchbox where they go

3.  Go to the restroom

4.  Get a pencil

5.  Do your morning work

6. Answer your Yes/No question

Our class had 100% by Friday with our morning routine.                                                                                                                                We also read Chrysanthemum.  The activities we did for Chrysanthemum are included in the FREEBIE {HERE}.  I made the pattern you see below myself quickly before we made them.

chrysanthemum activity

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus Directed drawing

We also read Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems and then did a pigeon directed drawing!  If you’re interested in doing that, check out Heidi Songs’ Post {HERE}  If you’d like to do more Back to School related directed drawings, check out my Bundle {HERE}

Back to School directed drawing
Pete the Cat, School Bus, Kissing Hand, and Dinosaur directed drawings

Back to School Activities

Here are some other photos of Back to School Activities we did from Deanna Jump’s Name Pack {HERE}

bus craft

chicka chicka boom boom craft

I was a little scared when it came to this next activity, who wouldn’t be?  Little squares of paper and 5 year olds?  But they rocked it and we didn’t even make a mess.  They did a GREAT job!
rainbow names

I love the way these turned out, I  think the hair is the cutest part!


IMG_9621 - Version 2We currently have no air conditioning at my house (until tomorrow or Tuesday) so I am about DONE with this post. Did I mention I live in Alabama?  Work when you’re hot is just NO fun at all!  Let’s all cross our fingers that it gets fixed tomorrow!!!


  1. LOVE LOVE your morning routine cards — do you have to those to share or buy somewhere?!? Thanks so much!!

    Thanks so much!! ps. Your right, K at the start is no joke!! BUT, but look what amazing things you already accomplished!!

  2. Girl, I’m so tired, I’m hoping this week is better!!!! We finally have some routines down, and I’m ready to rock and roll!!!! Stay cool!

  3. Welcome to the wonderful, exciting world of K!!! Have always loved following you, but I’m even more excited now. The progress our K kids make in a year is amazing~ Kim

  4. Hi Jennifer!
    Bless your heart! 🙂 I live in Alabama, too, so I completely understand about the heat and humidity. I hope it’s repaired soon!

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