Moving Grade Levels Checklist


Here is a checklist if you are moving grade levels, everything I needed to get the year started! I have taught all grades k-3 except second, until now! As I discussed in my last post HERE I needed a change. Kindergarten is my heart, but it’s time to give 2nd grade a try. But now what?

Moving Grade Levels Checklist

In addition to changing grades, I am changing rooms. And before all the educational curriculum stuff gets any attention, I had to physically move ALL my junk, I mean valuable educational tools UP STAIRS of course! Did I mention I have a loft that has to be disassembled and moved by my husband. My husband who, by the way, says I am never moving again! lol. It took a while, but I finally got everything moved. Now what? Find a place for everything, obviously. That took longer than the actual moving. But eventually most everything was put away and arranged. Here’s a sneak peek: (full reveal coming soon!)

classroom sneak peek

Top 5 Things Needed when Moving Grade Levels

First I needed a great hot glue gun. Not only do I need a hot glue gun, but I prefer having one that has a LONG battery life and is rechargeable. Check and ✓ for this bad boy! It is hands down, the best hot glue gun I have found.

best glue gun for teachers

Second if you have ugly sink area with an even uglier backsplash, I have the idea for you! Try these amazing, removable adhesive tiles! Transform that area in a flash. And while you are at it, why not add affordable under cabinet lighting!?

sink classroom makeover

Third I needed to change these UGLY bright blue shades. I decided to use contact paper, my favorite go-to for all things ugly! I love this pattern! Now I can’t say how well it will hold up over time, in the window with the hot sun….but it is removable so there’s that in case it goes bad. =) For now though, it’s working. It’s been up for a couple of weeks with little to no peeling.

shade and blind makeover

Fourth, chalk paint! Change ugly cabinets in a flash with white chalk paint! And how about using different contact paper as a back of a shelf? The result? Beautiful!

Fifth and last, I just couldn’t limit it to ONE thing. New rugs and storage. So much cute stuff! Find links to everything me and my classroom HERE. It is a grouping of ALL THE THINGS! Click on “Classroom Decor” to see even more fun and useful things I needed!

Moving Grade Levels Checklist


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