Letter Crafts from A-Z

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Letter Crafts from A-Z

X is for xylophone craft FI

Create Letter crafts from A-Z!  Ever since I began posting pictures on Instagram of the crafts I’ve made with the letters of the alphabet, I have had people ask if I would be creating a pack of them to share on TpT.  I have worked ALL weekend, like literally ALL weekend and have it finished. There are a couple of things I want to add later, but as of now, there is a craft for each letter.!  A little over $1 a craft…that’s a bargain!  You can find my new pack {HERE}.  In other news, I have December finished for my directed drawings bundle, I just need to do the videos.  SO it should be uploaded next weekend =)

Letter Crafts

Here is a list of the letter crafts included in the pack:

A- apple
B- Bear
C- Cat
D- Doughnut
E- Elephant
F- Frog
G- Green Monster
H- Hippo
I- Iguana
J- Jellyfish and Jar
K- King’s crown
L- Lion
M- Moose and Mustache
N- Nest
O- Octopus
P- Pig
Q- Quilt
R- Rocket
S- Snake
T- Tiger
U- Umbrella
V- Volcano
W- Watermelon
X- Xylophone
Y- Yak
Z- Zebra

Here are some collages of the crafts:

Alphabet crafts

Alphabet crafts for kindergarten

ABC Crafts

How do I have time for letter crafts?

Generally we do a letter a day for the first 26 days of school and then we go back and do two letters per week, more in depth.  I try to do the letter crafts during either the first intro to the letters, but if I don’t get to it, then I do them during the in depth review later.  Letter crafts are fun and easy!

In the pack I include a couple of tips about how I am able to make time for the crafts.  I prep the materials the day or night before.  It sounds like a lot of work, but with the way I have created the patterns, it really isn’t!  Another tip is to use a “lever punch” to cut the circles for the eyes and cheeks!  You can even find them at Michael’s on sale at times for buy one, get one half off.  They save me a ton of time…I HATE cutting circles!

lever punch

I hope you are as excited about this pack as I am…it has definitely been a labor of love.  Some of these letter crafts are ones I’ve done for years and to finally share them is exciting!


  1. Jennifer, I have loved your craft posts on IG for a long time! And now I get to make them in my own classroom! You’re amazing. I’ve already added these to my wish list!

  2. You are too awesome for words!!!! And I’m going to get a lever punch, because I absolutely LOATHE cutting circles, probably because I can’t, lol!!! I can’t wait to use these!

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