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The Astrobrights Papers Colorize Your Classroom Challenge is back, and I’m thrilled to be teaming up with Astrobrights Papers for this campaign.  They asked me to share how I use color in my classroom to increase learning retention.  Now as teachers, we know that it isn’t ALL about memorization, right?  Gone are the days where you memorize facts, take a test, and then dump the memorized facts.   But as educators, we know there are specific topics and information that we do need children to retain.  Letter naming is definitely at the top of my Kindergarten list of things I want my students to retain.  I created this fun game of upper and lowercase letters. Notice they also have a beginning sound picture to increase that sound fluency, as well.

Astrobrights Color Challenge FI


Freebie for Letter recognition
Freebie Kindergarten ABC match

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I printed out the letters onto my bright and bold Astrobrights Papers . Then I used Teacher Created Resources Connecting Links found {HERE} to create a fun and engaging station. Students practice matching upper and lowercase letters, naming them as they work with their partner. Studies show that color can increase memory by up to 50 percent and help students remain engaged. gives teachers a go-to source for inspiration and ideas on how color can help transform their classrooms.  The Astro Bright Minds have issued four different challenges. They tackle problems teachers face. when creating the right environment for their students. They include: classroom décor, organization, differentiated instruction and memorization.  Think you have a bright idea? Check out the challenges on, upload an image of your own solution using color paper. Then enter to win a yearlong sponsorship from Astrobrights worth $5,000. Enter up to four times, once for each challenge.

Astrobrights color paper

It was easy to punch a hole in them which works perfectly with the connecting links! Letter Match Game


Ready to colorize your own classroom?  Submit your idea. Astrobrights may feature it as the pick of the week on Facebook to help other teachers colorize their learning. Then visit for details, official rules for entry and hundreds of ideas on how to Colorize Your Classroom.



Upper Lowercase letter game freebie

Astrobrights Papers have become invaluable to me in the classroom! This is a phenomenal opportunity to win and AMAZING prize! Enter up to four times, once for each challenge. Find out more {HERE}



  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful activity! I immediately downloaded it and copied it onto colored paper, like you suggested. I even added self-checking icon pictures to the back for my kiddos.

      1. I’m not sure what you mean, but I have an alphabet chart in the station for the kids to make sure the letters have been matched. I think when they’re hooked together, it’s easy to see if it’s correct =) Not sure if that helps, but I hope so!!

  2. I like this activity and the use of color. How many different colors did you use in total and did you only use one color for 1 letter?

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