Frankenstein Halloween Craft Freebie

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Frankenstein Halloween Craft Freebie

Frankenstein Halloween Craft Freebie is what I have for you today!  This is just a quick and easy {free} Frankenstein craft for the Halloween season, perfect for little learners who need practice following directions and cutting!  I am including writing prompts that work for older kids, too.  My students LOVED their Frankenstein crafts and were super excited to see them in that hallway!

Monster Halloween Craft -FI

I read this Frankenstein book to my students, which is super funny:

and this new read I just got:

I don’t always do holiday themed crafts, it depends on the class and making sure everyone can participate- and making sure no one is scared of stuff like monsters.  I am also trying to prepare for our Fall Festival on Friday, which means every ounce of space needs to covered in the hallways- not always an easy thing to do, but I am sure you guys understand!

Frankenstein Craft

Get the Frankenstein Halloween Craft Freebie {HERE} on TpT.

Halloween Writing Free Craft

Monster Halloween Craft

Here are some of the other things we’ve been doing in the hallway coming down to Kinder and in my room:

Pumpkin Painting Paper Plates

The bat ideas are by First Grade Parade {HERE}

Bat Craft Ideas

The spiders below are by the Glyph Girls {HERE}


If you like these, you might also want to check out my Scarecrow Boy Craft pack {HERE}

Scarecrow Boy Craft

Or Spookley {HERE}

Spookley Craft

 I hope you all have a GREAT week, we’re out tomorrow for Columbus Day.  If you have already purchased my Directed Drawing Bundle, I’ll be adding December’s drawings, so be sure to download it again tomorrow!  I hope to have pictures to share, too!


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