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Leaf Hunt

Leaf Hunt: Even though it still sorta feels like summer here in Alabama, we are starting to see leaves turn color (of course the drought isn’t helping!)  I love fall and it’s one of the favorite seasons for little kids, I mean, who doesn’t love playing in the leaves? When I was asked if I would like to try out the magazine,  Let’s Find Out by Scholastic, I jumped at the chance!  Then when I saw the current issue is all about Autumn, I knew it would be perfect to pair with a Leaf Hunt outside!


First we chose a paint chip and then we ventured outside.



Kids matched the shades of their paint chips with the colors of leaves.  I love seeing my students engaged and having fun.  It was a morning to remember.


Next we came inside and sorted the leaves by size.


Then we sorted them by color.


We read our issue of Let’s Find Out and then used these free printables to extend our learning!  You can get a copy of them by clicking: Leaf Hunt Printable.  My kids loved both pages!



Of course, we read our issue of Let’s Find Out- my students LOVED having their own magazine, they feel so ‘grown-up’ and special.


We also read the book We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt {affiliate link}:

It was a great day!



Scholastic Magazines is hosting a #SmartTeachingTips contest for other teachers to develop their own creative ideas on how to incorporate Scholastic Magazines into the classroom!

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