Christmas Ornament Craft

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Christmas Ornament Craft


Christmas Ornament Craft: Colorful and fun, that’s what these Christmas ornament crafts are!  I love an easy craft and cutting these triangles took hardly any time and I was able to use minimal paper since several sizes fit on one page of fabulous Astrobrights Papers.





I used Terra Green™, Re-Entry Red™Gamma Green, & Stardust White papers. If you’ve never used or seen the Stardust White paper, you MUST check it out!  It is so pretty with small flakes of color.  The pictures of it don’t really do it justice, it is really stunning!  You can find all the colors I used in this handy pack on Amazon with three pages of each color of cardstock needed (which was plenty for my class since there are several greens included).  I think pink would have looked cute for these tree ornaments, too!


I had the triangles separated into three piles: large, medium, and small.  Kids chose one from each pile and then glued them on top of each other.  I used a black Sharpie to do twisty lines across them when they were dry.  The next day, we used our fingertips to dab painted lights onto the ornaments


The kids had a great time creating them and they turned out really cute, a great keepsake for parents!



You can find the triangle pattern on Google Drive.  I included an extra small triangle in case you wanted to make the ornaments smaller than the ones I made.  For the trunk, I just cut a small rectangle of brown cardstock.  If you’re looking for another ornament idea to use with your bright and colorful Astrobrights Paper, check out this post ALL ABOUT THESE ORNAMENTS!


Thank you to Astrobrights for sponsoring this blog post. This post may also contain affiliate links for products I used.  Regardless, all the opinions stated are my own and I will only ever promote brands and products that I truly love and use.



  1. So happy to have found your blog! I am graduating next week with my degree in early childhood education! Can’t wait to use your ideas in my future classroom! Thank you!

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