Dramatic Play Idea


Dramatic Play Idea

Dramatic Play Idea: Order Up! Restaurant Play to encourage writing, speaking, and listening skills! For as long as I can remember, my students have loved to play restaurant.  Even when I taught third grade, I would hear them at the writing station taking each other’s orders.  Now that I have made a commitment to including play in my kindergarten classroom, it was only natural that I add a kitchen area.    In order to maximize learning, I thought it would be fun to give my kids materials to play restaurant and take each other’s orders.  It’s been a HUGE success and my kids LOVE it!

Instead of creating just a menu, I thought a set of cards for each food group would be fun.  Each food group has a different colored border which makes it easy to organize them.  I put them on rings, by food groups.


I bought these checks for fun.  Kids pretend they are taking each other’s orders.  The customer picks what they’d like form the cards and the “waiter” writes it down.  I included simple prices in the corner of the cards in case you want to add an addition component.   It works well with a kitchen/restaurant area, but can also stand alone or in a writing station.


The play kitchen was my daughter’s and the play food is from IKEA.  In case I want to not use the writing pads, I also included 3 versions of a simple page for kids to use as a menu.  I placed it in a plastic sleeve for them to use with a dry erase marker.

If you’re interested in these activities, check out my latest pack! Order Up will be a favorite of your students!  Promise!  Included are 52 cards, 3 menus, and two small waiter forms.


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