Inventory Exploration Boxes Freebie

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Inventory Boxes Exploration

Inventory Exploration Boxes Freebie:  Play is so important in the early childhood classroom.  Play isn’t just play, it’s the way kids learn best! My friend Vickie at Primary Press has a great post {HERE} about how she uses exploration boxes as an alternative to morning work.  I decided to give them a try but not necessarily for morning work.   We use them during the day, during math small groups or as a transition activity.  I chose to combine the boxes into stacking sets of containers that are for each table instead of individual boxes.  I will try and let the pictures do the explaining:

Inventory Exploration Boxes Freebie

Each box has three levels, with he top level having 6 compartments.  I got the containers at Target.  IMG_3335

IMG_3144 IMG_3331 IMG_3332 IMG_3333 Inventory Exploration Boxes Freebie

Here are pictures of the contents of each box set:

IMG_3337 IMG_3338

IMG_3339 IMG_3340

I also decided to add optional response sheets for the Inventory Exploration Boxes Freebie (you can find them HERE).  There are a variety of pages and I don’t feel they take away from the exploration/free play of the boxes.  Kids can use them to write a question, share a pattern, wonder why, record their counting, etc.   Here are some photos of how my kids use the pages:

exploration box locks free inventory box IMG_3424 inventory box response sheet IMG_3428

I hope you can find a way to use these in your class.  Find the FREEBIE {HERE} on TpT!


  1. Hi there! Do you change these out? I find it so hard to come up with new things to put in these kinds of tubs. I love the recording sheets. My district is a stickler for that!

    1. The tubs are So full of things, generally the kids don’t get bored. The tubs rotate which helps, too. I might add things or change things occasionally, but only if I get something that will work and I want to add it. I am very explicit with my kids that if they complain or get “bored” then maybe we’ll have to do some “work.” After that, they’re happy to play and I hear very few complaints! lol #meanteacher

  2. I would like to make these boxes for in person learning if we start up again. What is the name of the box? I can’t seem to find it at target.

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