Polar Bear Collage Craft


Polar Bear Collage Craft

Polar Bear CraftPolar Bear Collage Craft:  I love Polar Bear Week!  We started with books and videos about Polar Bears and finished the week with a fun craft that combined my Directed Drawing for a Polar Bear along with tissue squares and Mod Podge.  The outcome was unique and adorable!

I started out with these tissue squares from Amazon:

Fiber Craft Tissue Paper Pack, Multi Colored

We did this project over the course of two days.  The first day, the kids filled a piece of white cardstock with tissue squares using white glue.  I thought it might lead to disaster, but at this point in the year, my kids are adept with glue from LOTS of practice!  While the collages were drying, we did a quick direct draw using my Directed Drawing Bundle Pack {HERE} on white construction paper.


On day 2, we cut out the polar bears and glued them to the collages with white glue.  Once dry, we used a sponge brush to cover the whole page with Mod Podge.

how to make a polar bear craft

The finished craft is too cute and the kids were so impressed with their artwork.  Each polar bear and collage is unique and different.

polar animals

We also used the Little Minds at Work Guided Reading unit on polar bears to create research books.

If you are looking for a free polar bear craft and writing activity, check this on out in my TpT shop {HERE}


and I also have a great Polar Bear Close Read {HERE}

Polar Bear Close Read

polar bear bulletin board

polar bear craft activity polar bear paw activity

It was such a fun week!


  1. We Love polar bears too!! We end our polar bear fun with Polar bear floats. A scoop of vanilla ice cream in a cup with Sprite poured over it. Don’t forget the straws and spoons. Yummy!!!

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