Father’s Day Activity


Father’s Day is one of those holidays that for some of us falls outside our regular school year, but we still need an activity. However, for some teachers, they still need a fun activity. So whether you are still on school or you are teaching summer school (like me!), you can do a directed drawing. It is the PERFECT gift that dad will love. You can find the directed drawing pack HERE on TpT!

Father's Day Activity

Each of the drawings is unique and special, made just for dad. I love the added details like glasses or a beard. I also have a Father’s Day freebie that can be found HERE in an older post on my blog! All you need is a piece of paper, pencil and crayons. I use a Sharpie to outline when everything is said and done.

Father's Day Activity
Father's Day Activity

How adorable is the name tag? She said her daddy wears a shirt that has his name on it, so she drew it! I love the little details that the kids add to their drawings!

fathers day

I mean, how cute are these guys? If you are looking for a quick and easy activity for the special dad in your life, this is perfect! My students also love making them for their dads! Find the Father’s Day Activity HERE on TpT.

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