Exploring Numbers to 120 {FREEBIES}

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Exploring Numbers to 120 {FREEBIES}

Exploring Numbers to 120

Exploring Numbers to 120 {FREEBIES}: I wanted to share a lot of the fun things we did during the week we were working on numbers.  We specifically focused on:
  • CCSS.Math.Content.1.NBT.A.1 Count to 120, starting at any number less than 120. In this range, read and write numerals and represent a number of objects with a written numeral.
We began by creating a 120 chart as a class…. I gave each child a “start with” and a “get to” number and a sentence strip.  They had to begin on the “start with” number and write all the numbers between that number and the “get to” number on the strip.
 Then we mixed all the strips up and each child got one.  We talked about what we should start with if we were going to create a chart.  I told them I would say NOTHING and it was ALL up to them.  If they thought their strip should go next, then they could place it the floor.  If it was wrong, they could disagree with each other, but ONLY if they had a reason to share.
 The next day we used accountant tape to create counting strips.  They could either start at 1 or let me give them a random number to start their strip.
Another activity we did is called “Missing Numbers” and we used cute erasers from Target to mark off the game board as we played.  It’s a freebie below! =)  I had to “cuten up” the ugly old math series version!


Get your “What’s Missing” Game FREEBIE {here}
And then I saw this great idea for Number Puzzles from my friend, Sarah’s (First Grader At Last) Instagram {here}!   She also just shared an awesome blog post with a GREAT FREEBIE chart {here} on her blog!! I am sharing a 120 chart as a freebie below so you can make your own Number Puzzles!
Get your Number Puzzle FREEBIE {here}
I looked online and found a few other great ideas for them, too!   I loved this idea I found on Mrs. T’s First Grade where she had let the students color each section… cool, right??
Another great post about Number Puzzles is over at First Grade Honey Bunch {here}. Plus there are some great free downloads!
And of course we used the new product I recently reviewed from Learning Resources…and it was a HUGE hit!  More info about it {here}
Hope you were able to get some ideas from this post.  Let me know with a comment if you liked the freebies or if you have any other fun ways to teach about numbers =) Looking for another Math Freebie? Click HERE!


  1. Great activities for counting to 120! We did a little 100's number chart last week for the 100th day of school and it was clear that my kiddos need more work with a 100's chart. I just downloaded the Number puzzles and plan on using them this week! Thank you for all the ideas!
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  2. I have a lot of freebies and a bundle of dice games that follow Investigations…you can click on the label "Investigations" on the right hand side of my blog for all the posts related to the program =)

  3. Thank you SO much for this post! My kiddos are really struggling with the 120 chart this year. I love the idea of them making the big one and your freebie "what's missing" game. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!!

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