Doubles Math Facts Freebie


Doubles Math Facts Freebie:  I have a great Doubles Math Facts Freebie for you today!  But first, let me tell you a little bit about what I’ve been doing. First, I packed up my kindergarten  classroom.

Doubles Math Facts Freebie Doubles aren't trouble

A few packing up tips:

Use Astrobrights Papers for your custodial signs:

astrobrights papers

Line the bottoms of your cabinets with painter’s tape so that they aren’t damaged by wax and floor cleanings:

painter''s tape to protect furniture

I had to remove Cricut vinyl from the hallway for the school to paint this summer. I was scared it wouldn’t peel away easily, but IT DID!!  Yay!!

cricut vinyl in classroom

Math Game

Do you teach doubles?  Of course you do!  Here is an adorable game freebie for you to use:

double trouble Doubles Math Facts Freebie Doubles Math Facts Freebie

You can get the game here:  Doubles Aren’t Trouble 

If you like it, you’ll love my Dice Games Bundle that has dice games themed seasonally in color version and B&W as well.

Dice Games Bundle Doubles Math Facts Freebie Doubles Math Facts Freebie

IMG_5540Currently we are in Orange Beach and celebrating Emma and Jack’s birthdays.  How did I become the mother of a 15 and a 9 year old?? Time flies by without you even realizing it! #oldlady
IMG_5589 IMG_5591

book study

I’m also reading these two books and thinking about a book study…thoughts or suggestions?? Hope you can use Doubles Math Facts Freebie!


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