Paper Plate Craft for Christmas

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Paper Plate Craft for Christmas

Paper Plate Craft for Christmas: Super easy holiday craft for Christmas!

Holiday Paper Plate Craft

All you need is a paper plate, paint, and paper (it helps if you have a circle cutter)

EK Tools Circle Punch, 0.75-Inch, New Package

I also have the pattern for the paper plate {HERE} in case you’re like me and need help when it comes to triangles =)

Classroom Christmas Art

Holiday Paper PLate Craft

But is it Academic?

We’ve still got a full week of school before we get out, so crafts like this are essential to survival!  (plus they’re cute)  For an added bonus, you could have kids count out how many circles they choose, or compare their number of circles to the friend beside them, you could have them make a pattern, etc.  Lots of ways to make it a bit for academic!

Easy Christmas Craft

Christmas Tree Paper Plate

 Holiday Tree Craft

Happy Holidays!

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