I Can Statements Kindergarten

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I Can Statements Kindergarten

The I Can Statements Kindergarten:  How do I use “I Can” statements in a kindergarten classroom?


I Can Statements were all the rage a few years back, I’m not sure if I drank the Kool-Aid on it or not.  I’ve been forced to post them in various ways over the years…as objectives, as “I Can” statements, goals, and the list goes on.  The problem I had was that it was usually just something I “had” to do because there was a walk through coming up or I was on cycle to be observed.  Not sure if I also didn’t really understand the idea of posting objectives in “teacher-speak” for kids who can’t read.  Fortunately, my school system has loosened the grip on how we post objectives and with more control over it, I have actually found something that works for me and my kinders.


How does it work?

For it to work for me, it has to be easy and meaningful to the kids.  It has to be low maintenance.  It has to have a purpose.  This may or may not work for you, but it works for me! Throughout the week, we revisit the board.  I use the monster to help them to understand what they’ll be learning, in their words.  It’s nothing complicated.

Count to 10 Club

count-to-ten-clubLast week I also added our “Count to 10 Club.”  One of many clubs that we create throughout the year.  Other clubs include: Count to 20 Club, I Know my Color Words Club, and this one that I have a picture of from a few years before:


You can see the Count By Tens Club in the corner of the picture above.

Letter Crafts

In addition, we were working on Mm and Ss this week.  These are crafts from my A to Z Letter Crafts Pack.

img_8134 img_8206


We also worked on the sight word “my” and for some words I like to cut out letters and glue them to sticks.  The kids walked around the room saying “my backpack” or “my crayon pouch”…they had the best time.  I took a couple of pictures:



Oh, and one other thing, we read The Three Little Pigs in various versions and then did pig directed drawings from my pack on TpT.


It was a busy 4 day week!  I hope you have a great week =)


  1. Love this post! Love the work sticks! Definitely going to do that and the I Can with a cute monster! Thanks for always being so creative and sharing your ideas!

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