Creepy Carrots Craft


Creepy Carrots Craft: One of my favorite ways to complete crafts is to have ready made pieces as one part, and then let the kids cut other pieces on their own. In this way, I save time, but still allow for individuality. You can find the Creepy Carrots pack HERE on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Creepy Carrots Craft

First off, the book by Peter Brown, Creepy Carrots, is an adorably creepy tale (not really creepy). Your students and kids will love it. Get it if you don’t already have it!

My Creepy Carrots pack is more than just the craft, it includes a plethora of writing activities and such. Activities for setting and character, as well as, for plot and problem and Solution. There is a class graph in the pack and opinion writing pieces. So many of these activities are perfect and can be adapted for kindergarten thru third grade students.

Creepy Carrots Craft and Activities
This is a lot of what is included in the pack!
Creepy Carrot Pack

This craft is also great because it isn’t directly Halloween related, but instead, it is a nice distraction from typical pumpkin crafts. The kids have many choices for the pieces and cut their own creepy teeth. You can find the pack HERE on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you are looking for other Fall ideas, check out this post on my blog HERE.

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