Bunny and Bird Directed Drawing Video Tutorials with FREEBIES

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 My kids have been been really into directed drawings. I love to do them, too, so it’s worked out well! But I know form a lot of the comments I have gotten, there are people out there that struggle with art, so for those people, this post is for you!
Introducing Bunny and Bird!
Bunny Directed Drawing
Find it {HERE} on TpT!
Bunny and Bird Directed Drawing Video Tutorials with FREEBIES
I love watching my students as they draw and add details!
If you need a video, I got one for you!
This one turned out a little more like a mouse, but it is still adorable!
Bunny and Bird Directed Drawing Video Tutorials with FREEBIES
Find the Bird Directed Drawing {HERE} on TpT!
And the video for it:
I also finished my latest Bumblebee Close Read!
You can find it {HERE}.   I will be sharing more about it later this week!
This is my Jack’s bunny, drawing and following directions are a struggle for him, but I still think it’s the cutest bunny around! Bunny and Bird Directed Drawing Video Tutorials with FREEBIES are the best! These are always precious!
Hope you can will be able to use my latest creations! Want more information on directed drawings? Click HERE!


  1. My students are going to be so thrilled!!!! I usually do some sort of art activity on Fridays for the last hour and they loved the leprechaun one. This give me two Friday activities! Woohoo!

  2. Sounds like we all have been stalking your blog waiting anxiously for your bunny! Thank you so much! Remember, we would all love more, more, more. Hmmm …. how about a set of one per week for the school year? Seriously, we would pay for that!!!! Thank you again! Camille

  3. We had snow today in Chicago so we could not go out for recess. I had my 1st and 2nds and also the 3rd graders in the room. They did an awesome job on the Bunny Directed Drawing. The 3rd grade teacher loved the one's her class did. Hanging them up in the hall tomorrow and maybe doing the Directed Bird Drawing later this week. THANK you so much!

  4. We used the bunny today and loved it! Thanks!

    I just realized today that you went to Montevallo! This is my first year teaching – I graduated from UM last year! So neat to find an alum! 🙂

  5. My class and I love these directed drawing activites. I love that is simple enough for even that child who normally does not do that well with any drawing activities. One of my students actually said today after drawing his bird, "I didn't know I was such a good artist"! He was so pleased with his work. Thanks for sharing this easy to follow, fun activity.

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