A Rock Unit that ROCKS!

We are getting ready to start our Rock Unit and let me tell you, this is one unit that truly does ROCK!
You can find the pack {here} if you’d like to see more!
rock unit
We’ll make Rockin’ Books!
And have a take home project to collect a rock…analyze it and describe it.
And of course I have to have a rock unit craft, right?
In class projects to add hands-on learning to our rock exploration:
Crystal experiment:
Research, research, and more research! My kids used and informational text provided to answer questions. Not boring questions, but fun ones! They even drew pictures and illustrated their chosen rock type. We did experiments using food to learn about the types of rocks. My son still remembers this unit form when he was in my first grade classroom over 10 years ago! My students had the BREST time during this rock unit. I even had fun!
Books for our study:
Kids used magnifying glasses to explore different types of rocks. This is the rock collection I got for our rock explorations:

You can find the rock collection HERE on Amazon!

Want it?  Need it?
Leave a comment and I will choose a ROCKin’ teacher to win it! Looking for rock and science themed directed drawings? Click HERE!


  1. Oh my gosh what timing! We are just starting a rock unit and since our science standards changed a lot of our FOSS stuff doesn't help us much anymore…this would be so perfect!! fingers and toes and eyes crossed 🙂

  2. I would love to rock this unit in my classroom. The kiddos would too! We have started our unit but we have several weeks to go and your fun resources will add to our learning fun. I have a love connection with rocks and I bring my own rock collection to school to share:)
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  3. This rocks!! 😉
    This is my 1st time teaching 1st grade and we’re learning about rocks next. I hope you’re still offering this!

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