Directed Drawings for Science


Directed Drawings for Science

Directed Drawings for Science:  Almost a year ago I was presenting in New Hampshire with the sweetest girl around, Miss DeCarbo (if you don’t follow her, you’re really missing out!).  Anyway, we were sitting around in the airport brainstorming ideas. She suggested I should create a pack of directed drawings for science and/or social studies.  I decided to give it a try.  Directed drawing packs are a labor of love, emphasis on the labor.  The pack focuses on four universal main themes: Simple Machines, Living Things, Weather, and Landforms.  Each drawing includes a step by step direction page.  Also included is a video tutorial for each drawing.

For Living Things I included: seed parts, plant life cycle, flower parts, what plants need, what animals need, frog life cycle, and butterfly life cycle.

For simple machines (and more) I included:  inclined plane, pulley, wheel and axle, wedge, screw, lever, push, and pull.

For weather: water cycle, tools to measure weather, and types of clouds.

For Landforms (and more) I included: mountains, hills, valleys, plateau, and layers of soil.

I recently tried the frog life cycle with my kinders at school and this is an example:

They rocked it! You can find my Directed Drawings for Science pack on TpT. I hope you have a great Sunday and that you love the newest set of drawings!

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