Leprechaun Directed Drawing {FREEBIE}

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St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and to celebrate we do a fun, quick activity each year:
A Leprechaun Directed Drawing  Freebie! Who wouldn’t want a Leprechaun Directed Drawing FREEBIE?
 Click {HERE} to get your copy of the drawing directions!  For me, many times I don’t even tell my students what we are drawing, I just give them the paper and start drawing each part on the board.  They get excited trying to guess what it will be =)
I even did another video tutorial for the drawing challenged:
If it looks fuzzy, open it in another window (it shouldn’t look fuzzy!!) =)
This guy looks like he’s down in the downy dumps, which is the fun thing about directed drawings.  Yes, they are directed, but kids have the freedom and ownership to change to create their own version.   You’ll see my students using the techniques I’ve taught them to draw other things!
And if you are looking for a craft with a writing activity, check out my St. Patrick’s Day Themed GLYPH Pack {HERE}
It’s 71 pages and filled with thematic fun for your St Paddy’s Celebration!
And it’s on SALE! Want some more St Patrick’s Day ideas? Click HERE!


  1. I love directed drawings!!! There's so much you can do with them! My students and I had a ball with your leprechaun drawing….I don't usually tell my students what we're drawing either. I love the excitement that comes over their little faces when they finally begin to put all the pieces together and realize what they're drawing. So fun! Thanks for sharing! =)

    A+ Firsties

  2. I love directed drawing. When it has been a rough day for my kiddos, I pull one out, and it usually calms them down. I love when they see how different their own looks from a classmates'. Thank you for sharing!! This is great! I plan on using it tomorrow! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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