Cute iPhone Icons! How’d I do that?

Instagram has become a MAJOR obsession for many of us and if you have been on there lately, you have seen my pics and many of my instagram friends’ pics of their iphone icons!  
They are SOOO stinkin’ cute! 
The app I used is called CocoPPa, just look it up in the app store.  Now here is the disclaimer: it will not let you change the standard Apple icons, like “Messages”, “Phone”, or “Safari”…wah, wah, wahhhh.  BUT it will let you create shortcuts to apps and things.  It is a little confusing to start off, but it isn’t hard  once you figure it out.  There are some great tutorials on how to use the app online.  Here are a few:
or here
Ooh, apparently I need to check my mail…lol
I tried like the dickens to go back and search which of my bloggy/instagram friends I asked yesterday about the name of the app…but I CANNOT find it!  If it was you that I asked, please comment below so I can credit you for helping me!!
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    1. I totally agree with Ashley's comment below…I put them all in a folder (hold your finger on it til it shakes and then drag it to another one you want in the folder and t will create a folder =) Don't delete them!!

  1. LOVE your new icons! For those wondering, you have to keep all of the old icons to make the new icons work since they are just shortcuts to the original apps. I put them in a folder named "ugly folder" and put it on the back page where I don't have to look at them 🙂

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    1. I just used a background with clipart, inserted a textbox with my initials and then did a screenshot of it. I emailed it to my phone and installed it as a wallpaper. You can use your fingers to make it fit (by pulling them together…if that makes sense) Hope that helps!!

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