BragTags Giveaway!

I know you have probably seen these before, but I am loving the BragTags from!!
Kids are awarded the tags for any number of things, great work, perfect attendance, progress, so many things to award! They have an abundance to choose from – dog tags along with other “shape tags”. Students can wear them on a neck chain, or attach to their backpack with a ball key chain. 
How fun is that?
 imagestuff has agreed to award three of my readers a fun pack of their choice that includes 35 BragTags!!  They ship the next day, so you might even be able to get them before school is out! Of course, if you are one of those lucky dogs that are already out for summer, you could always choose a tag that fits for the beginning of the school year!
To enter, it couldn’t be much easier!  
All you have to do is go and follow’s blog by email 
…click the link given 
or any of the pictures to visit and follow! =) 
(there’s a box on their blog to follow in the bottom, right hand corner of their page)
That’s it!  
Leave a comment below saying that you are following their blog and 
three winners will be chosen using random number generator. 
 Giveaway ends next Saturday (May 26th) at 9pm central.
 How cute are these? 
Perfect awards to your kids as they learn their sight words!!


  1. I have seen these and love them. They are on my wish list for next year!! Keeping my fingers crossed I win a set so that I can show everyone before school is out how cool they are!!

  2. The brag tags are super cute..I follow imagestuff's blog! I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed!


  3. I love the brag tag "You Made It". I have searched everywhere on their website. Do you know if this was a custom one? I can't find it.

  4. I have been following imagestuff for over a year now and love love love their brag tags! My daughter is a first grade teacher and I help in her classroom. She uses the brag tags and what a motivation they are for her firsties! Wish I had this product when I taught 2nd grade! Thanks for a great product. I would love to win these for the precious first graders I work with!

  5. I am now following their tag. I love how one blog is able to link to another and then suddenly you've spent half a day hopping around blogs finding loads of wonderful new ideas to use!

  6. FUN!!! Thank you for hosting a giveaway! I follow image stuff's blog by email and I have been following your blog for a while now! love!love!love! 🙂
    crossing my fingers….

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