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As I finish up the year, I am thinking about next year.  At the beginning of first grade, so much of your time is spent with sounds and working with words!  This is one easy and cheap way to make it a little more hands-on and interesting for your students either during whole group or at the table in small group.
(like the table?  Find out more about how I did it here:
I have seen these used in workshops and also for sale, this is just my version…made with cardstock and kept in my kids pockets (on the back of their desks).
We use StoryTown and there is always a section in your morning routine (getting started area) where they want the kids to take a word like ‘rat and take off the r…add a b and what word do you have?’  This is very tough for my firsties in the beginning.  So these little pockets are a great way to get them used to the idea of seeing patterns in words and sounds.  When we get the pockets out (in the beginning) I will list on the board all the letters they will need for that day, the rest go into their baggy (which is stored in the middle of the pocket)  I always have extra letters to replace any that have been misplaced.  
Here are directions to make your own!
The kids love the activity and after we practice a while, I often will let them get with their turn and talk  partner to work on words together…letting them take turns taking away and adding letters/sounds.
Maybe you can use this idea next year =)
Here is a quick little pack of letters to get you started. There are 4 pages, and the vowels are in BW and also in red.  You’ll notice I didn’t use my color printer to print the red vowels, I just used the BW ones and let the kids color the vowel cards yellow. Click on the link or the picture below to get your copy =)
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  1. I so need to make these this summer! We do this activity every day in small group and I usually do marker boards…thanks for the tutorial!

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