Sunday Smorgasbord!

 I’m linking up with Michelle over at Fabulous in First to share my random SHOPPING ramblings!

First up are the blue crates I got at Big Lots, they match my turquoise theme on my shelves!  Oh, and the laser frames are from Michaels.   I got them for less than $2 each! (not sure what I will end up doing with them…any ideas??)
The goodies below are from Target…most from the dollar section!
Love the duct tape and foam bus packs!
The items in the next two pics are from Michael’s.  LOVE the Super Hero masks and the Birthday crowns $3 a pack!  The bird stickers are adorable!

This chevron shelf liner is on Amazon and if you buy 3, you get one pack free!  I am planning something really great with these! I will keep you updated soon!
FInd the special deal below!

Link up with Michelle and share your randomness!
And don’t forget the Freebielicious deal that is ending soon!


  1. Oh my! You have picked up so much stuff!!! I feel like I'm very behind on back to school shopping! So much so that my husband was telling me about back to school sales and said I should go to Target! What?! Obviously I need to get on it!
    Rambling About Reading

  2. I love the baskets. I have been stocking up for a couple of years. The larger ones fit perfectly in my cubbies to hide all the bits. : ) I was glad to see the new blue at Big Lots this year.

  3. Oh Jennifer, I literally sighed with happiness when I saw those lovely baskets and shelf liners and everything! I can't wait to see your room this year!!

  4. I bought three of those frames a few weeks ago too! I'm using one for a wedding photo prop but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the other two. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with the shelf liner because I have some of the gray chevron that I bought at TJ Maxx months go because I "had to have it" and I haven't found a use or it yet. 🙂

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