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I am linking up with my sweet friend, Marsha at A Differentiated Kindergarten to share a little about my math stations.

Here is a quick picture to show you how I have organized my math stations in the past:
The cart was actually re-purposed from holding an overhead projector (yes, I not only had one…but I still do in storage)…the boxes are cheapos from Dollar Store that are made to sit on top of each other- (but they wouldn’t have to)… the numbers are those peel and stick bulletin board letter/numbers- 
easy, enough =)
I like it because I can change the tubs out easily…it rolls around in case I need to move it for convenience and they are easy to put up and take off for the kids.  I have things like geo boards, dominoes, and unifix cubes in them…dice games and recording sheets…pattern blocks, shapes and pattern pages.  Fact family activities were the last item I added.  Each pair of kids gets a new number bin each week…I haven’t been able to do math stations every day, regular like I should…so the kids only have that bin maybe 2-3 times that week…and then they go to the next number the following week. (if that makes sense =)
Here are some of the packs I have created for my math stations!
Check it out and click on the “download preview” to get your freebie at TPT!
My kids LOVE GeoBoards and having these recording and task cards give them a purpose.

Perfect for the beginning of the year nonsense word fluency is this station:
Check them out here:

I also have packs for Sight Words, first and second grade versions!

Link up and share about your math stations!


  1. Jennifer,
    I purchased your "Geoboard It" unit and have already printed the cards and cut them out. I am very excited to add it to my "math games" table during my math rotations. I just know the kiddos are going to love it! Thanks so much!

  2. OH MY WORD! I LOVE the geoboard unit! I teach pre-k and we use them to make shapes as a whole group. Then they become a free choice center and it is a HOT mess! They just fill the board with rubber bands. I love the idea of using geo boards for 5 year olds because they are building fine motor when manipulating the rubber bands. These task card are PERFECT! Thank you so much!

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