Label It! President’s, Valentine’s, St Patrick’s Days and even Safari Animals! *Plus a Freebie, too!

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Wow…now that’s a title length you don’t see every day!  
First off, I had a couple of sweet customers ask if I could do some new Label It! Packs…one for Safari/African Animals and then another for holidays for around February and March.  
So here are the new packs, up and ready to go:
The Label It Pack for February and March is huge (to me…lol)  42 color and BW mats 
(BW not pictured below)

And then there is the African Animal Safari Style Pack that is a combination of color and 
BW mats, 26 total…along with 10 (1/2 color, 1/2 BW) bonus Thinking Maps!  I really tried to listen to feedback and make the fonts simple, and the boxes bigger…I hope you love them!

And one last thing…Pinterest must have blown up with the “er, ir, ur Sisters” poster I had as a freebie a long time ago…because all in one day I have had several emails about it because it is/was missing from my shop.  Well, long story short, there were some clipart policy changes about freebies and I just took it down…but I used some time this morning to do some newer, even cuter versions and here is a pack of three for free on TPT (hey, that totally rhymes!)  
Leave me some love and let me know if you can use one of them!
I have another pack I am feverishly working on…and it is gonna be one of my favorites I think!!
Hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend!!!


  1. Labeling is definitely something that is important for early learners, it adds connections to words- that the word has a meaning, it is something concrete (noun usually). Young kids need practice making those connections between print and their world, it also leads to being able to independently fill in thinking maps, identifying and describing parts of things later- most anything that encourages writing, speaking, reading in a station is valuable for young children. Most early childhood teachers have and use labels all around their room, it is just part of our classrooms to label the "door", the "desk", the "computer", etc. I don't know that labeling is a "standard" itself, anymore than 'playing with dice' is…but it is a valuable tool that teachers can use to get their students to practice skills that are standards. We are generally talking about early childhood when it comes to labeling, kids who are focusing on print rich environments are not always capable to doing a ton of things independently without a lot of practice in stations…labeling is fun to them, something they can be successful with, and it gets them involved in a thematic unit and while they are working together to complete one, they are having to sound out words (generally decodable) and then write them for the correct part. I have so many packs because it is fun to include them in seasonal and thematic units, so a teacher doesn't necessarily have all the packs, but she or he may want to have something for Halloween or for a fairytales unit to add to their writing station. In several of my packs of labels I have also included thinking maps… and as I rework some of the packs later, I will probably provide that for them all. I have had a lot of positive feedback, they aren't expensive, and most are requested by teachers, so I provide them when I can in my store. But no, I don't exactly teach "labeling" in my classroom…it is just a tool to make connections and to get my kids reading, writing, and interacting.

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