Daily 5 {Second Edition} FREEBIE and Book Study Ch 9

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Daily 5 FREEBIE and Book Study Ch 9

Daily 5 FREEBIE and Book Study Ch 9:
The beginning of the chapter is focused on what to do when you have a “barometer” child who is repeatedly the one that is keeping your class from building stamina.  (Barometer as in, affects the “weather” of your room)  Hello?  My son!
They list 4 steps to helping this type of child gain independence and build stamina:
Step 1
Step 2
Extra Support
Step 3
In-Class Modifications
Step 4 
Gradual Release of In-Class Modifications

Book Study

First the only part of the chapter that I wasn’t 100% sold on was when in Step 2. They said to keep a child in from PE to build stamina. Of course, they said for only 2-3 minutes. My experience is that if everyone else has gone to PE, kids will not be able to focus on anything seriously. He may possibly meltdown as a bonus.  I think using this method depends on the specific child.  
I loved in Step 3 when the authors pointed out (as if in response to teachers saying it isn’t “fair” to the other kids). that the “tools” are only for kids who need it and that other children will understand. There may be some minor jealousy at first, but once the rest of the class is used to it, I agree that the “tools” lose their charm.  I also liked the idea of rotating the reading with a timer and then manipulating the “tool” for a specific time…then back to reading…then manipulative time.  I think this would be great for my son who needs Brain Breaks.  
The rest of the last chapter has sample guest teacher plans, methods for welcoming new students into your Daily 5 routine, and how to inform parents about your D5 time.

Second Edition

I have enjoyed the second edition, more even than the first. 
 And now for your FREEBIE!  If you’ve read the chapter, then you are familiar with how to use these printables, but basically they are useful to encourage kids who NEED it…kids who are STRUGGLING!  The Plan to be Positive Pages are to help {you and I} keep track of focusing on the POSITIVE with those kids who maybe don’t always make it easy to “accentuate the positive”…this makes US focus on OUR behavior…are we focusing on their positive behaviors throughout the day, even at the end of the day?  If not, maybe we need to send in reinforcements toward the end of the day =)
  Get your FREEBIE {HERE}
The activities included in this pack are perfect for Daily 5.  The cards are rewards to hand out to children that may need additional encouragement or positive feedback as they build stamina. Also the “Plan to be Positive” page is a visual reminder for the teacher to observe and give a “barometer” student feedback for positive behaviors and interactions.  These pages are for you to record with checkmarks and keep in a plan book or conferring notebook  (you might even laminate or place in a plastic sleeve and use with a dry erase marker to save paper).

Let’s try to be POSITIVE!   

*I only created 2 pages of cards… I feel these should be temporary and only used with kids that are in need of additional encouragement, moving them away from tangible rewards as their stamina increases.
I hope you’ve gotten as much out of this book study as I have! 
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