Bringing Back Show and Tell

Bringing Back Show and Tell

Bringing Back Show and Tell
Show and Tell?
Who still does that??
I do.
How do you have time to do something fun and that serves no educational purpose?
Umm, I make the time and it most certainly does serve an educational purpose.
Remember those pesky Speaking and Listening Common Core Standards?
You don’t?
Well, you should.
SHow and Tell is a great way to address those standards AND inspire writing….PLUS it’s fun =)
Here are some pictures of our first show and tell:
Jack brought his Sphero 2.0 Ball, complete with free demonstration.
Jack and the rest of the class loved sharing and being “experts” about their object.  I love that the kids came in excited for the day.  They “present” about their object and then take 3 questions from the audience.  They had the best time!  My pack includes slides for becoming great presenters and a great audience, along with ideas for questions to ask.
Engagement?  Yes, please.  He is raising his hand to ask questions…QUESTIONS!!
The whole activity took about 30 minutes (for my class of 14 kiddos).
If you have already purchased it, download it again because I’ve made some HUGE improvements.
You can find the pack {here} on TpT
Here are the first grade standards that the pack addresses:
The pack also includes a letter for parents and writing prompts for before and after Show and Tell.
Check it out {here} and let me know what you think!  Do you still do Show and Tell??



  1. I love your post!! And YAY for your kiddo asking questions and loving show and tell! 🙂
    We do a version of show and tell in my classroom. The end of the day Friday is reserved for shout outs and share time! The kids can bring in something to share or share their work from the week. Today we had 2 stories and 1 book written by the kids this week that were shared.
    I agree it is the perfect way to address the standards and give the opportunity for building the classroom community.
    Selling the Sizzle

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