Farm, Pout-Pout Fish, and Parts of a Sentence

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Farm, Pout-Pout Fish, and Parts of a Sentence : It has been a busy week and there is very little hope of it slowing down anytime soon!

Each year I take a picture of each of my students giving their best “pout”.  Here’s Jack’s Pout Pout Fish:

We read 3 Pout-Pout Fish books since “pouted” was one of our vocabulary words this week.  The latest  one, Pout-Pout Fish Goes to School is MY FAVORITE so far!!
I have a freebie in my TpT shop
Get the Pout-Pout Fish FREEBIE {HERE}
which I just added another page to TODAY for the kids to graph which book is their favorite:
We finished up learning about farms, complete with sheep shearing and milking a {not so real} cow!
We made these cute crafts for pigs and sheep, idea from First Grade Parade
I am sharing the two little farm printables I used as a FREEBIE {HERE}
We also worked on subject and predicate…which our reading series calls the “naming” and “telling” part (which isn’t my favorite) but I go back and forth with all the usual terms…the “Whoooo?” and the “DID WHAT??” I created this little printable with both titles for your kids to “highlight” the two parts of a sentence:
Get your parts of a sentence FREEBIE {HERE}
Next week is all about APPLES!  I have some fun stuff planned…here’s our bulletin board so far in case you haven’t seen it yet:
My apple pack is {HERE}  and a bunch of apple posts are HERE.
Hope you enjoyed Farm, Pout-Pout Fish, and Parts of a Sentences!


  1. so cute! all of it! how is it working out with him in your class? Looks like it is AND you have your own little model for posts without having to ask anyone permission to post pics of him. totally grabbing these for my own classroom. thank you. 🙂

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